01 September 2013

Scotland aftermath

I thought it would be my sister and me when we came back after the Scotland trip. How wrong I was! The first unwelcome visitor had made his presence very conspicuous by having eaten half my mint plant, and having shat all over the kitchen. When  I set out to clean up the mess I found the culprit: he had hidden under the scourer! But what was worse: it turned out that Marieke had come back in unfortunate symbiosis with a legion of ticks. I had one or two myself. I don't know if the region we had visited was a hotspot for Lyme, but I sure hope not: she had so many she's in big risk of infection if it is. But even if it isn't they're annoying things. She removed lots, but couldn't reach everywhere, so I had to remove lots too. And one lost its head, so it had to be cut out. Not the best way of ending a holiday! And there are certain things one prefers to leave behind while on holiday, but some of these came to haunt us anyway. So it was not the relaxed day of York-exploring we'd hoped for. But we still managed a book shop, outdoor shop, and a pub which served steak pie (all on my sister's wish list). And a bike ride in the sun! And, of course, we finally got to eat some of the mushrooms Marieke had picked! And then it was time to get back to the grinding stone...

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