21 September 2013

Back to the Netherlands

I went back to the Netherlands for my mother's birthday. But of course I included Roelof in my itinerary as well. And I was lucky; just that day he was visited by Viking, so I killed two birds (or three; there's Micha too) with one stone! Very nice! And I also made sure to see Monique. Roelof, Viking, Monique and me have now known each other for 20 years. That's special! I'm blessed with such friends. And it was short, but powerful! My mother was happy with my visit (and my present!) and it was good to have time to catch up with my friends. And before I knew it I was back on the train to Schiphol. When's next? No idea!

I had agreed to meet Monique at Central Station, and when she would arrive a bit later than scheduled I decided to wait in cafe "Balkon". I'd always wanted to do that! It's on platform 2b and it overlooks the central hall. And the building is beautiful. And they turn out to serve Duvel!

Later we went to cafe VOC in the Schreierstoren. Notice the pub cat on the barstool!


Viking said...

Ha! Nice pictures of nice locations. And "next" turns out to be end of the month! For the Viking part, at least... Hurrah!

De zus in kwestie said...

Pub cat <3

Margot said...

Pub cat was cute! And yay for Vikings!