24 September 2013

Like silicones, but then organic

You know these types, who shout loud they are opposed to something, only to give in to it later themselves! I ended up like that. I don't like the thought or the look of lips filled up with silicone. Or artificially enlarged in another way. And then I biked to work. I biked along a bicycle path, with a rose bush beside it. As someone was coming from the opposite direction I stayed close to the shrub. And then suddenly something flew out of it, into my lip, and I felt insectish feet and sharp pain. Shit!

I tried to wipe whatever it was from my face. Clearly too late. I managed, but I felt the poison. And I could feel my lip swelling. I increased my speed; I wanted to get to work where I might be able to cool the bite.
When I got there I was feeling miserable. My lip hurt, was uncomfortably swollen, and I felt grotesque.

No silicone needed here.

Luckily, the swelling abated fairly soon, and by coffee time people hardly noticed. It still hurt the next day though! But that was my morning of having a silicone mouth. I don't like it. 

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