12 September 2013


When I decided to take the place in York I rent, I did so conditionally; I made sure to ask for the landlord to put a lock on the back gate. So far it only closed with a latch, which you of course can't open or close from the outside. So in order to be able to use the gate as a bicycle entrance it needed a lock! And lo & behold, it was there when I moved in. Excellent.

And two months later it was broken already. You could turn your key in it all you wanted! Nothing happened. A repairman came to have a look, and decided it needed replacement. I'm now waiting for that to arrive. Behind my gate with only a latch. So when I leave in the morning I take the bike through the gate into the alleyway, go back into the courtyard, latch the gate, go through the house (locking all doors behind me), walk around the block back to my bike, and can then leave. Not very practical! I hope the new lock arrives soon...

What's wrong with this picture?

PS And it came! I have a lock again. Lovely!

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