19 July 2013

Useful weekend

The last three weekends I had spent in Amsterdam at a wedding, with Hugh, and in the Forest of Dean, respectively. Not much time for doing the boring things that keep a household going! But this weekend was relatively empty. I had Lionel and Corinne over on Friday evening, and saw them again at the airfield on Saturday, after which I scooted off to the BBQ, but between waving my guests goodbye and seeing them again, and on the Sunday, I managed to do my shopping, the laundry, buy underwear, postcards, maps of the Moors and Dales, new running shows, a hook for the bathroom door, a new mud guard and plant pots; mount the mud guard and a map holder on my bike, change a tire, oil the chain, adjust the brakes, repair a duvet cover and my desk, mount the hook, read the paper, tweak my cowtails, maintain my hair, write two postcards, scrutinize my car fuses, and write 9 blog posts. Not bad! It might not be very adventurous but I need a weekend like that once in a while...

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