16 July 2013

Further decoration

The last time I posted about having put up pictures and decorated the house, I was, in all fairness, only talking about the lounge and diner. The bedrooms are for sleeping in; they had lower priority. But it had to be done some time anyway, and with guests arriving soon it became more urgent. So I had a whole pile of additional pictures printed, and went back to the second-hand shop for an additional pile of frames. And when all that was assembled I went upstairs to have them do their magic there. And I unearthed a series of reprints of ancient maps of the arctic I had bought in Norway (NP employees could buy them at a big discount) and hung them around the house too. I liked the results! I was ready to impress my second batch of overnight guests! And myself, of course. I get to see it most often!

A little southwest-themed corner in the bedroom

Norway above the chest of drawers

Now there are three pictures; better!

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