16 July 2013

Use of car

My car was bought for the purpose of going to Dartmoor and similar places of natural beauty, and for visiting mines and caves. It did a good job! But after almost two months of York, I haven’t used it for either going to the Moors or the Dales, or for caving purposes. The YCC is a bunch of conscientious car sharers, and my car seems not to be overly popular. I can’t see why. And I haven’t made time to go to Dales or Moors yet; my weekends so far have generally been too full of caving weekends, weddings, visitors or trips to Liverpool. So since I went to the B&Q for the roof for my “bike shed”, which is too large to comfortable transport on bike (I can transport quite some stuff on my bike, but sheet material is tricky. Would function as a sail!) the car had been idle. But recently I saw it still has use! It is an excellent seat for the local cat...

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