29 July 2013

Microscope new and improved

We were supposed to have a microscope waiting for us upon coming to York. But it didn't work out that way. It took almost two months, but now I have a microscope that does what it should do! The microscope that was delivered didn't allow for the work we need to do, as I pointed out here. So the chap who installed it came back, with two boxes full of objectives and oculars. We could take our pick!

We decided on a configuration with a moving nozzle that can hold two oculars, and have one moderately powerful one for rummaging through samples, and one very powerful one for staring the forams straight into their pores. Unfortunately, we couldn't keep these parts; they were demonstration models. But three weeks later the parts had arrived, and the man was back to screw the whole hing together. So now I can start for real! And it's lovely to be able to look at these forams  up close and personal. I wonder how many of my old identifications I will now recognize as wrong, as I can see everything so much clearer now!

The microscope, version 1.2! Notice the double ocular, and the working space underneath the ocular that is in use here.

What you see with low magnification

Small compilation of how you can see the foram you can just see in the open space in the middle on the picture above


Natasha Barlow said...

Very nice. I'm impressed with that. I look forward to you having a look at my forams with it.

De zus in kwestie said...

"the foram you can just see in the open space in the middle on the picture above"? Er - arrow, please?

Margot said...

I put a dashed line in! Does that work?

De zus in kwestie said...

Yes! Thanks!