08 May 2012

Science blog

Things you don't categorise get messy. I should know; my mind isn't very categorical and I spend quite some time trying to compensate for myself. My blog started out as something quite undifferentiated, which worked acceptably well for five years, but the time has come to improve things. I have decided the place where I vent my private spleen should be different from where I vent my professional one. And I therefore hereby introduce my science blog: the Ocular Reversed. I will both recycle the scientific postings that have appeared on Margot's blog; I'll have to see to what extent I will rework them. And new scientific rants will appear only there. With a bit of luck it may attract readers that don't care about my private life, but are interested in my climatic (and related) thoughts. I hope many of the readers of Margot's blog will also deem the Ocular worth a look!

The scientific blog as it looked until recently

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