25 May 2012

Grown out of a children's bed

When I was living in Amsterdam I was living such a wild life it merited a bed that fits two. I had a 1.5 persons bed; a "doubter" as the Dutch call it. It did its job well but I decided not to bring it to Norway: ot had served its time. And I was leaving my bloke behind.

In Norway I stumbled across a single bed some colleague wanted to get rid off; that came in handy. I didn't have that much space, and well, Floor only visited once every so many months, and for these occasions the sofa bed sufficed. When I became and stayed single I had even less reason to wish to trade my modest bed in. Technically speaking it was a chilren's bed; it was adjustable in size, but I just used it at full length. After the better part of a year I added a proper mattress to it, and then it was really fine.

As it did its job swimmingly I brought the bed with me to England, where it served for a few years more. In the beginning I was single anyway, and when I had Neil he was quite happy to have all the nocturnal time spent together take place at his house. But now I have Hugh. And growing skills in clutter management. When I managed to empty an entire cupboard in my bedroom suddenly there was space for a double bed. So on a convenient Sunday we took the cupboard down and I went to the nearest charity shop that dealt in furniture. I found a spiffing new double bed for a resonable price! So that was a no-brainer. And two days later it was delivered. I almost feel like a grown-up now. And now let's hope this wasn't challenging the gods, and that for the foreseeable future I will have an Australian to fill all that space!

PS The single bed has already found another home!

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