20 May 2012


Size does matter. 7cm is too much. 6cm is much better. A small difference, but how relevant!

I wrote of my exploits on heels! I did manage to not make a fool of myself, nor did I break an ankle. But it wasn't easy! I decided that what I needed was a pair of slightly lower heels, to get some less daunting heel practice. And one fine day I found just that. Not easy in England; most shoes with heels you see in the shops here have heels of more than 7cm. How DO people walk on these! But I found myself a feasible, 6cm heeled, black pair.

This is what Brits seem to think is normal; from the Javari website (javari.co.uk). Amazon sent me the link; I seem to be considered interested in such things...

Only days later, when tidying up, I came across my silvery shoes, that I had been wearing to occasions such as my sister's wedding, and dinner with Neil. These were elegant yet modestly (4cm) heeled. They were broken! So it was only just in time I bought a new pair. Sometimes, just sometimes, things work out quite well...


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