22 October 2010

Ready for family

Visiting me is contagious! It seems. When Stuart came to see me, Sanja came falling out of the sky (or out of a South African sailing boat, or an Antarctic airplane, or whatever it was) and came visiting too. A lovely surprise! My father would visit me, and when the plans became a bit more concrete he proposed coming together with my sister. I thought it was a good idea!

How does one prepare for such things? The fist thing one needs in a household of three Dutch people is three bicycles. I have two. And last week I went for a bike ride (a long anticipated one) with Jon. He elaborated on how he would rekindle the acquaintance with his steel steed only in the far future; not before spring. And then suddenly I had an idea. I could perhaps borrow it for the next weekend! And indeed I could. So then the most important issue was addressed. And my kitchen can hold three bikes (and all necessary caving kit) without problems!

I then only had to think of where my relatives would sleep and what they would eat and drink. And, it turned out, I had to organise hairstyling products for them (that is, for my sister; anyone who's ever met my father knows hairstyling products are not of use to him, and that's not because of a lack of hair). And I had to upgrade the tidiness and cleanliness of my house a bit. Tonight they'll arrive; I think I'm ready!

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