18 October 2010

Another scenic swim

Sometimes the things you look forward least turn out the best. I had been zombieing away in the lab, sieving samples (which is fairly dull work), having built up a bit of a lack of sleep over the week, and I would go swimming after work. In the sea. I was tired! The last thing you look forward to when tired is getting cold and wet. But I knew it might do me good.

When I arrived at Bovisand Beach with Ferret it turned out to not be cold at all. Comfortably I got into my wetsuit, and no time later we were in the water. And it was good! The water was hardly cold, and the beach was beautiful in the fading light. There were lots of rocks to scurry around and over (I was wearing neoprene socks and shoes, so I could safely walk on the barnacle-encrusted outcrops) and I greatly enjoyed it! When we came out I felt reborn. I think I may be doing more of that!

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