07 October 2010

How long will this last?

Dutch politics have their quirks. It wouldn't surprise me if we're the laughing stock of Europe. And we've done it again. In June we had elections, and the liberals, labour and Wilder's extreme right wing party won. Now four months later we have a coalition. Of which parties? The liberals, labour and Wilder's extreme right wing party? No, of course not, that would make sense. So what do we have? The liberals, the christians and Wilder's extreme right wing party. Of course. The christians heavily lost in the elections. And they should know better than to form a coalition with Wilders, in my eyes. But here we are.

How long would this coalition last? I give it six months. The christians hardly support this construction themselves. Anything can disturb this fragile balance. Oh well. If we have to go back to the polling station in a while we either get a better coalition, or something that's so strange it will be most memorable. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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Maaike said...

Laughing stock, laughing stock, België is er ook nog hè? Die hebben nog helemaal niks.

En verder: ik zeg acht maanden.

Margot said...

Ja Belgie maakt er helemaal een zooi van. En, maar, ik zag ineens dat dit mijn 666e post is! Typisch.