03 October 2010

From trousers to cats

After rescue training I noticed my phone wasn't in my trouser pocket anymore. Nothing new; it tends to slide out and end up in my bag or in my shoe or somewhere like that. I just went home, confident I would find it somewhere. But didn't.
I had a bit of a flashback to the day I lost my camera in comparable circumstances. I was afraid it may be lying in the woods, but it was found under Dave's car seat. So I was a modern woman, and placed a request to Dave on Facebook, asking him if he would phone me. If his car would start ringing the search would be over. And it did!
So I jumped onto my bike to go and get it. I arrived somewhat wet, and Dave invited me to come in and sit down for a bit. And that allowed me to admire his two cats I hadn't met before. They were oriental shorthairs. Never come across the likes of these. Beautiful big-nosed creatures with amazing voices! This way I'll never learn to keep my stuff in my trousers...

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