09 January 2023

Moel Hebog with Kate

Kate was in the country! That is not necessarily something you can take for granted. We decided we should make use of that opportunity, and she had suggested a walk. I had suggested the Monday before University would open again; that was forecast to have good weather. And she had never been on Moel Hebog, so that was an obvious target!

We met fairly early, as we figured it was going to be a busy day in the hills. We parked up in Beddgelert. So far, the promise of a lovely day was not turning itself into reality! It was raining, and they were dark skies all around. We were not in a hurry, so we decided to just sit in the car for a few minutes. And that was a good call; the rain stopped, and the skies became lighter. Time to set off. 

Pretty soon it was a glorious day. And you don't have to get far in Beddgelert to be in beautiful terrain. And we took it easy! We made sure we had plenty of coffee breaks. Other beverages are available.

Outskirts of Beddgelert

More outskirts of Beddgelert

Kate on the slope of Hebog

Not quite summit-selfie

Without incident we go to the top, and had another break there. The view over the estuary was lovely. And then we went back down again. We had expected it to be all boggy, but it was alright!

Summit view

When we got back to the car we changed shoes and decided on where to have a hot chocolate. We chose Gwynant but it was closed. We then tried Plas y Brenin and it was closed. And for the third time in some two weeks I had a hot chocolate in Cafe Siabod. A fine end to a good day! 

Soon, Kate will be travelling again. I need to get my quality time in while I can…

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