31 January 2023

New clothesline

My house came with an outdoor clothes line. On one side it was attached to the ivy growing up the wall that separates my garden from those of the people living in the next street downstream, and all the other side was a loop you could attach to the fence. But then, just after the start of the New Year, a lot of that ivy spontaneously came down. That was the end of my washing line! And also a bit of a tradition; the year before, my rosebush had collapsed on January the first. I got rid of the detrital ivy, and then had to think about how to hang up my clothes outdoors.

I remembered I had some copper pipe in the garage for unclear reasons. I decided to give that a try! I hammered that into the ground close to the wall as deep as it would go, and then tied it to the wall (or still fixed ivy) in two positions. And then tried it out.

It held! It looks like my pipe is struggling a bit, but it might do for a while. And I have bought myself some time to think about how to do this better in the future. May be set a post in cement?

The cat inspecting the work

Will it hold?

It holds! Just.

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