25 January 2023

One Kate gone, the other one back

The Kate situation is a bit of a revolving door! In December, I had caught up with one of them, when she briefly was around. The other one had been on Iceland for a few months. And now they have swapped; Kate is back from Iceland but now the other one is away again. But that meant I could catch up with a Kate again! 

We would go for a walk. Nothing too wild! I was a bit too aware of approaching term, and she had loads to get on with it as well. But it was good to catch up! We were barely done talking by the time we got back to the cars after a little loop in the vicinity of Capel Curig. But she might be around for a while now, so there is no reason why we can't do this again!

Wintery view of Moel Siabod

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