24 January 2023

Annual tree pruning

It's one of those chores that has to be done every year! I think it is a bit onerous. The main work is pruning my crab apple tree. It is a bit impenetrable, so it is difficult to reach all the new bits with my telescopic tree pruner. I am working that thing at its full length, and both the pruner and its cord snag all over the place. But I want it done! That tree needs to keep its shape. And I had hoped to do this in the Christmas holiday, but I hadn't found the time. And with climate change doing what it is doing, spring can hit any time. So on Saturday with still a fair amount of snow in the garden, I got my act together.

This time, I also used my big ladder! I can reach quite a lot with that. And that is a lot more comfortable. So quicker than normal, I was done with the crab apple tree. And then I proceeded with the plum tree and the Cotoneaster. 

I only got rid of the produced waste the next day, but I was glad to see my garden looking smart again. Not that it will last; in spring the tree will send new shoots up that will have to be lobbed off next winter. But this annual task at least is over for this season!



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