16 January 2023

Talking about foraminifera in Welsh

In January, we would have the second meeting of the Cymraeg+ project. And we would all present an aspect of our teaching to each other. We would have to keep it limited; we would only have five minutes each. I was looking forward to it, though! One evening earlier in the week I had made mine. I always find it very difficult to talk for a very short time. There is so little you can say! And I had had to make a similar decision the previous time I prepared for a presentation in Welsh. But I had decided I would just explain just how much information you can get out of the calcite of foraminifera tests. 

In the actual meeting, it was difficult to get to the point where we would actually give a presentation. The Cymraeg+ tutor is quite verbose! But we got there.

The first your presentation was from a lady from disability services, and she spoke about dyslexia, I will does correlate with. It's not that interesting! And I thought he was totally ready to do a presentation like this for the audience it was actually intended for.

I was next. And I talked about my forams. And I think the audience now realises a lot more how important they are than they did before. I think it went well! Although I realised I didn't know what the word for configuration was. And ratio. Ffurfweddiad and cymhareb, it turned out.

Then there were talks about natural flood management and narcissism in sport. Also very interesting! And it all went well! We all welcomed the opportunity for practice, but I think we all can do this. But that doesn't mean, of course, that we shouldn't try to keep improving.

Given that we could look up all the vocabulary for the talks in advance, but if you get questions from the floor you don't really know what's coming, and we want to be ready for that too, next time we do something similar, but then with bigger question-and-answer sessions. I look forward to that too! And I might even build on from what I told them this time…

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