13 January 2023

Chester date

When you have given in to internet dating, I suppose a reasonable thing to do is to regularly scroll through the new faces appearing on the site. I certainly did that. It didn't result in me finding someone I found worth contacting very often. I suppose the discerning reader of this blog already guessed that, as not much news on this topic appears on this site. But only a few days ago, there was mention of someone worth contacting. And of course, this man appeared (or at least, I noticed him) at pretty much the same time as another one. It's a bit Murphy's Law! Why can't they appear one after the other, so you can just politely focus on one. If that goes well then mission is accomplished; if it doesn't, you just wait for the next person to appear, and that might then not take that long. But no! Of course that's not how it goes.

I had decided with both men it was worth meeting up to see if we actually liked each other in person. And both meetings would be after Christmas. And one acted quick, so we saw each other on New Year's Day. And it was good! But there was the other one as well. I saw him a week later. 

This man I saw in Chester. I had never been to Chester, and although we had initially thought we might want to do a walk somewhere where there were interesting Neolithic features, practical considerations trumped that, and a city walk it was. 

This was also lovely! And I'm not just talking about Chester. I had a great time with this man. Of course I did. It would be way too simple if he would have been a really bad match.

I went home and I had to think the situation over. What now? I would definitely have organised a second date with each of these men if they would be the only one in the picture. But I wasn't comfortable with having a second meeting with both of them. I know a second date is only a second date, but I already find it feels like adultery! So I had to make a choice and let the man I wouldn't choose know.

The one thing that stood out during my first first date was how quickly I felt very comfortable in the presence of this particular bloke. And that is important! And I had a great time with the other one as well, but there was a bit more of a polite distance there.

Another argument was distance. The first one lived a lot closer than the other one! And let's not pretend that logistics don't matter. I was reminded of just how far Chester is, then he lives near there. So the next day I composed a message and told Mr Chester that I had really appreciated my day with him, but that I would not pursue a second date. And he sent a very understanding message back.

So there we go. One week in which a lot more happened than in several years before that! So watch this space. Who knows what will happen next!

A section of Roman wall with moat 

Chester city centre

More city wall

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