01 January 2023

Christmas dinner 2022

As is not unusual, Christmas dinner would be at my sister’s this year. And I would travel there with my dad. My sister’s father-in-law, Henk, would be there too. I had packed a dress, but, due to luggage restrictions, no accoutrements. 

We got in and I confessed to not being able to talk. And we first sat down for tea. I figured that if I sat next to someone with good ears, I could use them as a megaphone. That sort of worked. And I helped my sister in the kitchen. That wasn't only altruism; my sister has very good ears, so just the two of us in the kitchen made for reasonably good communication. And she was making an impressive meal!

When most of the cooking was done, she changed into something smarter for the actual dinner. I took that as a cue to do the same. I asked my sister for a scarf, though, as I was a bit hesitant to not cover my neck. And when she was diving into her cupboard anyway, we also found a pair of boots that could complement my outfit. They were really smart and I felt very glamorous! It's handy to almost have the same shoe size as your sister. Later she also added a cardigan as the dress has very short sleeves.

Over pre-dinner wine, I thought it was amusing that my nephew asked Henk, who is a vicar, a bible question. I never expected religious discussions at a family Christmas dinner! But my sister’s husband is from a solid vicars family so I suppose it was bound to happen one day.

Then dinner was served. It was amazing! And most of it was cooked right here. My stepmother had added a quiche, but everything else has been produced by my sister and her sous-chefs.

After dinner my niece Nora gave a small harp concert. That was a worthy crowning of the evening!

The dinner table! Pic by my sister 

After the harp music, Henk left. I suppose he still had a bit of a distance to drive, and he is already 90! And the next ones to go were my father and stepmom. And then various children (adult or otherwise) vanished into various other recesses of the house.

I still had some time with my sister. It was good to have a bit of time to talk one-on-one! And her cat gave acte de présence. I was missing mine, and cuddling hers felt good.

Flirting with the cat. Pic by my sister

I went to bed quite early as well. Aernoud, my brother-in-law, had dived into a cupboard and retrieved all sorts of somewhat geriatric cold medication, such as throat sweets and some VapoRub. I took that with me! I always sleep in my niece’s room, and I thought it was worthwhile to minimise the risk of coughing her awake.

I woke up refreshed, but I still couldn't speak! That was a bummer. But we had a lovely breakfast and then it was time for me to go. Onwards to the last stage of my visit!

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