27 January 2023

Save the crab apple tree from ivy

In 2022, I had been doing a lot of murdering. First I murdered the Buddleia next to my kitchen. And once that was gone, I murdered the ivy that had been threatening my roof. And I had been on murder sprees before; for instance, the Buddleias that were threatening my view from the conservatory and my apple tree also went to meet the maker.

When I was pruning my crab apple tree, I decided that again I needed to murder one creature to help another. There is a lot of ivy growing up this tree! And I can't imagine that is good for it. So I made a start to get rid of it. The only thing I did was climb in and remove as much by hand as I could. At a later date, I will need to go and saw through the thicker bits, and use my ladder to reach places I couldn't reach now. Then crowbar off everything I can't just pull of by hand.

After the first few minutes 

I think that when it comes to volume, I have most of it off! It already looks tidier. I'm not sure when I will get back to this, but it would be good too rid the poor tree entirely of this parasite!

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