04 January 2023

New Year’s Eve

I was being Margot cargo when either Susan asked me what I was doing for New Year's Eve, or I asked her. I can't remember! But neither of us had plans, and we decided we should team up. And then, of course, get Martin involved. And he was up for that! So at least we know with whom to celebrate it. How exactly was something we needed to sort out later!

During Susan’s birthday we drafted Tom and Siobhan in as well, but we didn't get an awful lot further with the details. I think I suggested something similar to that very day; go for a walk first, and then eat something together. That was accepted. We later sorted out the details; we would first walk the loop around Llyn Idwal, and then meet at Martin's. The weather forecast was pretty bad, but it’s not a long loop!

When the day came Martin pulled out of the walk. The rest of us were still up for it! And we met at 2 pm. Even though it is not a long walk, we didn't want to be walking in the dark. And it was quite grim! We started out walking straight against the wind, and it was also raining quite seriously. And the path was full of puddles. But we knew that Martin's living room would only feel better after something like this. So we kept going!

Heading into Cwm Idwal

The valley with lots of streams

Soggy selfie

When we got to the head of the valley we did have to pretty much wade through some streams. Everything was in spate! Unsurprisingly. But we knew we all could take off our shoes later. And on the way back we had the wind in our backs and that was already more comfortable. 

The head of the valley

When we got back to the road we got back into our vehicles and headed for town. Sue and Dean had offered to pick up my food, drinks and bike, and lug me up the hill. That was very kind of them! The weather was still very bad. They delivered me to Martin’s front door, and then went back home to change into something drier, and finish off their own food. That took them a while! We just started with tea and coffee with the four of us.

At some point, Tom jumped off his stool and needed to urgently stretch. He had cramp! It turned out that he hadn’t actually eaten anything substantial that day. And he had run 20 km, and spent some 10 minutes in ice-cold water. And the man can eat! I figured we needed to feed him really quickly. I really don't want to get to 6 pm without a meal, even if I haven't done much at all the entire day. And my food intake isn't much compared to Tom's. Luckily, not much later Sue and Dean appeared. We could start!

I had made a quiche and I suggested we start with that. In the meantime, final touches could be added to the food that Sue, Dean, Tom and Siobhan had brought. I just felt vicariously a lot better after Tom had shoved a good piece of quiche down his throat!

The other food was lovely too! And after the food we went to the living room. We just hung out until it came fairly close to midnight, when port, cheese and bread appeared on the table. A worthy way of saying goodbye to 2022! And then it was 2023.

And not much later we called it a night. None of us are nightcrawlers and party animals! But I was glad to get into the New Year in such stellar company. If a year starts like that it must be a good one!

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