06 January 2023

Cat discovers lap(s)

When I got back from the Netherlands, I suggested to Martin we catch up. And I suggested my place as a venue, so I wouldn't have to be away from the cat. And so it happened! I made real coffee (more about that later) and he brought Stollen. And all was well.

He was sitting in the chair by the fire. It is a very ugly chair, but it is comfortable, and positioned well! I like it too. And so does the cat. And quite often, we sit in it together.

With Martin in the chair, the cat still was keen on getting her share of it, and she sat down on the backrest. She does that a lot with me as well! But then she didn't leave it there. She walked onto his lap, and hesitated there for quite a while. But then her little bum went down and she sat! This is the first time I have seen her sit on anybody's lap. I sort of expected she would choose Martin for that. She had clearly considered it. A year earlier, already! And she had later stood on his lap for a while, seemingly pondering if she would go for it, but in the end deciding against. But I can't find a reference to that on the blog. But now it was official. She had sat on someone's lap and it wasn't me.

Later she even laid down. And then walked away. And then came back and did all again! This surely was no fluke. She was really comfortable on his lap.

First lap!

Two days later, I myself was sitting in that chair again, by the fire. I had cold feet (I had done another very damp walk) so I was sitting in some permutation of the lotus position. And then she sat on my leg! Also for a fair while. I was scared the fire would go out, as now I obviously couldn't move. But she got up again.

And second!

Later she changed to her more traditional position; between me and the backrest of the chair. I suppose that's very snug; she is in a very confined space then. And I can still tend to the fire. So I suppose all together, I prefer her to sit there, but I was really glad that she has now finally sat on my lap! And not even that much later than her first lap! She might do it more often from now on…

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