26 January 2023

Scratch post refurbished

Once upon a time, Kate gave me scratch post. I hadn't even put it down on the ground or the cat already had her claws in it! This clearly was something she appreciated. And she didn't tire of it. And that's a good thing! Except that the rope that was used to make it was of questionable quality. First of all; Mevrouw Moor was pulling fibres out of it all the time, and they all annoyingly ended up on my bedroom floor. And secondly; with all these fibre is removed, she basically pulled the whole thing apart. At one point I had to act!

I bought 10 m of rope from the local builder’s merchants. And when I saw an opportunity, I stripped all the seriously damaged rope off the cardboard base of the post. That was quite a pile! It went in the bin. And then I could put the new rope on instead. It is a bit thinner than the rope I have used to turn my staircase banister into a scratch post, but I think it is the same quality. This doesn't shed!

When I was done I put the scratch post down. And as I hoped; within seconds, Mevrouw Moor had her claws in it. Excellent! I hope my repair lasts long. And that she enjoys the scratch post no less than she used to!

Start of refurbishment


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