12 June 2018

Garden update

The edible things I planted in the garden aren't doing much. The edible things that were already there are gearing up for a bumper crop, though! I can see the for now still green berries (gooseberries and, I think, red currants) and plums getting ready to ripen, and there are embryonic apples on the tree. I look forward to being able to eat lots of fruit from my own garden! Thanks, Rose!

NB the pictures were taken on June 3rd; it already looks different now! But there's so much happening the blog is lagging a bit behind real life...

Berries of some sort!



These will be apples

And there's also good news on the non-edible front; I planted some succulents rather early on. And they are doing well! They seem to be thriving and spreading. Excellent!

 One of the clumps of succulents that looks rather like it did when I planted it

Its neighbour; it clearly has expansion in mind!

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