16 June 2018

Last hike with the Americans

It had been while since I had seen Jeff, Julie and Eleanor! Life kept getting in the way. But I wanted to see them before they would leave so I suggested the Sunday after the Ceiling day. And they were available!

When they showed up we first had a coffee in the garden. That was nice! The we went to Mynydd Llandygai to pick up a public footpath into the empty land next to the quarry. It was nice!

The path through the quarry has been closed, and we ended up on a sheep trail, and had to bushwhack back to a path. But it was pretty! And nice weather.

The quarry from close up

 The quarry from far away

On the way back we went past the Londis for sandwiches, and had lunch in the garden. I had texted Jeff the day before to say I had had a swim in the river, and that we could all do that after a sweaty walk if we wanted. It wasn't half as hot that day than the day before, but Eleanor had planted the thought of a swim in her head, and it wasn't coming out. She had brought all the paraphernalia! A swimsuit, a swimming cap, even goggles. So we were giving it a try!

She put her foot in the water and thought it was cold. But she wanted to do it! So we went through quite a cycle of her saying she wanted to swim, but that she couldn't do it, and that she thought some spot a few meters on would be better, where she would proclaim that she wanted to swim, but that she couldn't do it, etc etc. But in the end she did it! I made sure I was always downstream of her as the current is quite strong, but all went well! Jeff and Julie weren't up for it. But they made us a cup of tea for afterwards. Nice!

Soon they will be flying back to the states. I will miss them! But who knows. Maybe I'll one day come their way!

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