29 June 2018

Improve the view

When I bought the house the garden had a nice view on the river. But then it became spring. A tree on the river bank got so leafy it blocks a lot of the view! And I found out nobody owns that land, or feels the need to deal with it. So I will have to! So one nice Saturday I brought down my saw and started having a go. It was a multi-trunked tree! I think it had eight trunks. And I started by cutting down 5. I figured I shouldn't cut down everything in one go, as I also need to process the wood! That means: getting the leaves and twigs off, make them small, and put them in the garden waste bin. Then cut the bigger wood into firewood and put it in the garage to dry.

I took trunk by trunk to the front of the house where I dealt with them. It all fit in the bin! So far. And the view is already a lot clearer! But I think I will now pause a bit as I also need that bin for other stuff (cubic meters of bramble waste!). But the other trunks will come down too. And then I can see more of the river! And there's a smaller tree behind it, but I'll decide if I want to do something about that too once the first tree is down. Stay tuned!

The much smaller tree (see original here)

Four of the cut-off trunks


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