04 June 2018

Freezer disconnected

I inherited a freezer from Rose! I thought maybe it would come in handy. And if not I could get rid of it. Anyway; what I didn't expect was that she would leave it to me full. And I am a bit hesitant of whatever could be in there! How long has it been there? I am not overly fond of frozen food (hence the option of getting rid of the freezer) but even less so if I don't know its history.

I had mentioned this to Jenny. She said I should give all the food to her! She has a pig. The pig isn't all too worried about the provenance of food! So it wasn't a priority; I was busy with the ceilings and such. But one fine Tuesday evening I packed everything into two boxes, which I left in the freezer. I found lots of berries and plums; these must have been from the garden! But also peas and beans and chicken stock and fish and soup and gyros and whatnot. The next morning the boxes went into the car and the freezer was switched off. That evening I saw Jenny. I hope the pig likes what it gets!

Now I need to think about whether I want that freezer.

The top box full of frozen food (it's standing on another such box)

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