17 June 2018

Civilised on a Thursday Night

The previous week, I spent my Thursday Night upside down and in an uncomfortable position drilling holes in rocks in an uninviting corner of an abandoned slate mine. That's normal! This week was different. It was the end of the academic year, we had the External Examiners sweating away on assessing our curriculum, and their work was coming to an end. The School would take them for dinner, and I was invited. So I went!

I thought I had been invited as one of the examiners is Bill Austin, who is a foraminifera man who I had met before in St Andrews when I had been there on tephra business, and for proper foraminifera reasons. But he wasn't coming! He is from North Wales so if he's around he has more important people to meet. But the others, Paul and Dave, were there, as well as the David, the Head of School; Hilary, the exam officer; and Martin, who will take over from Hilary when she retires this summer.

It was a bit strange to be eating nice food in Dylan's on a Thursday night! But it was nice. The externals are nice chaps and the locals are nice too. And I am a bit of a basic cook, so eating in a fancy restaurant once in a while is a nice break from habit. And I do get to dine with Martin every year in Laugharne, but I never dine with David or Hilary.

A disadvantage was that I decided to go on my slow bike; I didn't want to leave the fast one outside for hours, and I didn't want to walk back to the office to retrieve a bike either. And a fairly heavy meal with wine to go with it isn't the best preparation for a bike ride! So I was home a bit late. But not as late as I often am on a typical Thursday Night...

NB this post got left behind! It pertains to Thursday the 7th and would probably have been posted on the 12th if all had gone as usual...

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