26 June 2018

Dig: ups and downs

I hadn't been in the dig two Thursdays in a row. I was keen to see how our last round of blasting had gone! The previous round hadn't done much; I hoped this one would have. On the longest day of the year we gathered and went in. And this time the blast had done something, but still less than I had hoped. I chucked the rubble down and checked how much more I could crowbar down. Then I asked Miles to have a look. He first checked out what the lower regions were doing; there were some rocks coming down from somewhere. But where? And why?

He came up. He was wondering about one rock that looked like stuff was leaning on it. He prodded it and it moved. But he was afraid it would bring stuff down! We did the old trick of placing a crowbar in there, tying a rope to it, and pull it from a safe distance. It worked! In two attempts. So he went up to see what it had done. He managed to throw the rock down but it did knock his ankle. Oh dear!

When he came down I saw what rock it was that was moving, and thereby throwing stuff down. It seemed innocuous! So we ignored it. And it was already time to head out so we did. I dislodged a small rock on the way down, which hit Miles: this wasn't his day! Luckily it was a smallie.

When we came out it was still light. But that will soon be over! Luckily I like autumn too.

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