19 August 2017

Move desk

When Paul left I was the last one in the office. It was a bit lonely! I liked having Paul, Stella and Juan around. And now there was nobody but me. The upside of it was, though, that I had been ogling Paul's desk since forever; his was close to a window with a nice view, and you could open it while standing on the ground. It was also next to the radiator; the only one in the four person office.

In summer my desk isn't so bad, although it is a bit of a nuisance that only the skylight opens, and I have to climb onto my desk to open it. The other window near me is fixed and single pane and is, for some reason, at floor level. No, me neither. In winter, it is awful; cold air comes out of the floor-level window behind my old desk, flows past me (brrr) towards Paul's old desk, and there rises (past Paul) because of the radiator there. I'm at exactly the wrong place!

Paul was gone for a week, and nobody hads claimed muy  office, so I decide to move. And I did! The oly disadvantage so far is that the high window causes glare; that was something I never had at the old desk. But otherwise I'm enjoying it!

The old situation; my proximal desk, and Paul's empty-ish desk further away

The new situation: I'm now close to window and radiator! 

The view from the window

The old desk, now empty, with its funny low window with a view onto the parking lot

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