02 May 2017

PGCertHE acquired!

I got my portfolio back! I scored a B. Not bad I'd say. I had to quickly finish it before the teaching would actually start. I know; ideally you would do both at the same time and have them influence each other, but they ho, the world often doesn't work that way. Sometimes one has to be pragmatic! And I've passed, and I'm qualified now! I think the certificates are handed out in autumn; a fair while away. But the work is done! Students, here I come; and this time I'm qualified!

What about not being registered, you may ask? That was sorted too. When I was on my oiriginal job I had a staff ID and all that comes with it: access to university intranet and such. Then I enrolled in the PGCertHE programme, and got a student ID to go with that. It was there but I never used it; all worked fine under my staff ID. It's just that for reasons of bureaucracy one needs to have one. And it turned out that with the new job came a new staff ID, and that staff ID did not give me access to the PGCertHE website, but my dormant, still existent student ID did! Sorted.

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