16 May 2017

Moonshining on a Thursday Night

Last week we hadn't been in the dig. And this week we may not get there either! Miles had injured himself again, and with too many arm injuries one might not want to a) go down a pitch (and back up) and b) do the sort of work we do in that dig. You can't really stop Miles lugging rocks around after you've blown something up. Might not be a good idea!

Circumstances made that easy; firstly, he had stuff to do in the manager's office; secondly, he had some unfinished business on the new route, at the level where you come in; and thirdly, he had to be out early.

When I got to the parking lot Miles was already up. I walked up, regretting my warm furry suit. I found Miles in the manager's office; it was looking better than last time! Especially the ceiling was looking smart. The windows were also coming along.

Miles had some extra big explosives for making a passage that forms part of his new route wider; the holes had already been drilled. We walked in; it was bigger already than it had been the week before! And a lot of loose rubble had been cleare dout. It looked really tidy. But now it was time to make it even bigger, and in the process, make it less tidy. That was more faff; Miles did have resin but there was no resin gun to be seen. We found one at the first zip line of the new route. There was a lot of kit there! We also took a pump, as the drill holes had filled with water.

When we got back up we set to trying to pump out the drill holes, and then place the charges and fill the rest of the hole up with resin, before they would re-fill again. We also rigged the place up. We had a brand new blast wire; it was a bit of faff to strip it to such extent it could be used. It was also rather short! Oh dear. These were big charges. Five of them. We just managed to get the end of the wire around a corner. Then I thought of the earmuffs we had seen at the zip line, but not brought up with us. I never think quickly enough! But at least I had earplugs in my suit. I had had these for months, but this was the first time I thought of them in time. Miles didn't want any; he would just use his fingers.

We drank coffee and tea while the resin set. We needed to be sure it was properly set with the big and wet drill holes! We blasted; I was happy with my earplugs. We inspected the damage but then it was already time to go out. The passage had been so tidy; now it wasn't anymore!

For the first time that year we came out in daylight. It was a lovely evening! After Miles had dropped me off at the parking lot and I had changed back into my civilian kit I stood there for a while; it was such a lovely evening! And it wasn't very late. It was a pity to go, but I was not dressed for another small hike and I knew that by the time I would be home, it wouldn't be quite that early. So I left. Next week back in the dig? It is waiting for us!

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