21 June 2016


This week the referendum takes place. I am a bit apprehensive! And with me many people. The media suggest the fear-mongering of the Leave camp is effective, and a lot of people might end up voting against their own interests. That, however, is a British tradition: who benefits from Tory rule other than ex-Eton millionaires? They get a lot more votes, though, than there are ex-Eton millionaires. So maybe the shit will hit the fan, new negotiations on trade agreements will start, in which countries might be tempted to not be too forgiving to the UK in order not to encourage more countries to follow the same path. And Wales is rather powerless; it contains such a small part of the population but it needs Europe disproportionally, so I think many Welshmen will sit with bated breath, like me. Soon we will see. It's a momentous occasion, but for what? I think political leaders in the future will think twice before they let their pandering to political enemies get so far out of hand...

 Some of the propaganda I received through the letterbox

Some of the propaganda one sees on the street

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