07 June 2016

Half a PGCertHE

It should have been April, but it ended up being June! That's how things go. I didn't submit my stage I of the PGCertHE in spring, so now I have to do it in autumn. You only get a year to do it so I have to now, whatever happens. And that's OK! I finished the portfolio. It can now rest in my hard disk for a bit until the file submission opens. And I intend to leave it for a few weeks, and then read through it rather thoroughly again; I'm sure I'll make some minor changes. But it's nice to know I have the complete file ready, and even if I have not a minute of time between now and the deadline I can deliver.

Next spring I will have to submit the second part. I have already started! I hope to get as much as possible done this summer; after summer things may get busier and it's good to get things out of the way. And nobody knows what happens when my contract expires; I hope to have the next portfolio ready for submission when that happens. Then that's out of the way and I can focus on whatever it is I am doing then! And you can submit if you're not am employee of the university, so even if I have a job as a grave digger by then, I can still get qualified for teaching in higher education...

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