04 January 2015

Holiday underground trip

These unclear days between Christmas and New Year's Eve are good for doing all sorts of things one doesn't find time for normally. Such as: going underground for the whole day! So a plan was made. We'd scamper around one of these big local slate mines. And in the end, we gathered with twelve enthusiasts.

It was not an adventurous trip; it was all rather sophisticated. But we spent some 5 hours underground, admiring all the relics. Phil had brought a friend, and was lecturing him on all things mining; I tried to be within earshot as often as possible, as I like learning more. We also had a chap with us who I'd only met during our Christmas do; he really knew everything there was to know. He also knew the way; not unimportant! And when we came out there was still some fading daylight. I hope there'll be more days like this in the new year!

The view walking up! Not bad.

Some artifacts. And some legs. 

Blober staring into blue depths.

The place was very sooty; in some chambers the water lay in discrete droplets on the slate

There had been a small critter in there!

Walking back in the fading light

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