23 December 2011

Underground Christmas Celebration

After the office Christmas do comes the club Christmas do! In this case the followed each other at unnerving speed. I got back to Plymouth from Totnes, went to my office, exchanged my shiny new jacket for a muddy one, had a big coffee to reenergize myself, and a big tea for rehydration, and was on my way again. One of the other caving ladies had kindly offered to pick me up from campus, and thus I could make it to these two celebrations on one day.

As it had been interesting weather recently we had decided to celebrate in a well-drained mine. That meant a certain compromise on space, but the advantage of that was that a small space is easier to decorate. We had Christmas lights, Santa hats, battery-powered candles, tinsel, glow sticks; what not! And above that we had inhuman amounts of food.

Pic by John

We settled in the stope of Old Gunnislake mine; this is the prettiest part of the mine. And soon it was prettier than ever! We were with a modest group, but the atmosphere was most merry, and overeating of course is quite a robust Christmas tradition. We’re ready for another year of happy caving!

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