22 August 2011

Pillar and post

I once returned a book a bit too late to the university library, and I got charged £1.20 for it. So I went to the library to pay that. One would assume one just hands over £1.20 and then it’s settled, right? Well it doesn’t work that way.

The kindest of gentlemen at the library counter welcomed me. And told me he didn’t accept cash; the idea was I used my staff key card to pay. I didn’t know this, but you can upload money onto it, and pay with that. That I didn’t know that after two years means I don’t usually need that option. But now I did.

The chap showed me I should first go to a copier, swipe my card to activate it as a means of payment, then go to a special uploading-money-onto-your-key-card-machine, upload £1.20, go to the counter, and have the young man take that amount off again.

I am sure this system was developed with the best intentions. But how can one not feel mocked while going through these procedures…

ps It was only about a week ago I collided with even stranger rules...


Anonymous said...

Het kan nog erger (maar wel leuker...)



Margot said...

Dat is toch beduidend minder omslachtig!