30 August 2011

More running, more!

Soon there'll be a conference. I have no clue what I'll say there. I haven't had a chance to look at the data! But it really is soon, so I should get my arse in gear and process the data. And weekend is no reason to stop that. It is good, though, to not ONLY work in the weekend, and that notion goes together well with my desire to get back into running shape. Work until your brain gets mushy, and then run until your body gets smelly. So on Saturday I worked until fairly late; that's how I ended up running while the sun set. On Sunday I wanted to do it the other way around: first run, and I figured I wanted to do that on Dartmoor, and then go to work. I can motivate myself for running after work, but motivating myself for driving after work is asking a lot.

I didn't want to run on the railroad, so I picked some very clear path a bit further east. And I set off! It wans't the easiest route; the path has lots of loose cobbles on it, which makes it more a balancing act than exercise. But it was good anyway! I got rewarded with beautiful views and bovine supporters. And I knew our Aussie would be on Dartmoor too, so when I was done I tracked him down (with difficulty! These men are just too confident in their map-reading skills) and together we walked onto a hill to find a good ambiance for some solbærtoddy and carrot cake. And then it was time to go back to the office in my sweaty clothes and muddy boots, and get some more work done!

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