25 August 2011


One hour and ten minutes! That’s not bad for a half marathon. Not if one has to swim the whole distance. Through coffee.

Those who’ve known me for a while might recognise this as the typical level of sensibility of a Margot dream. And indeed, this was what I was up to during the night. I managed to come up with an interesting race through the beautiful historical city centre of Haarlem. Where, apparently, the canals are filled with coffee. And why is such a dream relevant?

When I’d finished and got the medal I thought “I should text Neil! He’d be pleased to know.” And I knew we’d just broken up, but I wasn’t sad, and I just wanted to share the news. And in waking life I’m still a bit melancholy (go figure, after less than 48 hours), but much less than it easily could have been, and I take it as a good sign my subconscious has already moved on. I think the conscious will follow shortly…

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