08 November 2010

Strictly come mining

Mark, one of the Cornish nutters, came abseiling down, and landed with unprecedented elegance. That inspired us to come up with the infallible concept of the title. We were entering a pretty mine within the framework of a combined Cornish/Plymouth underground trip.

So where were we? Well that's where it becomes tricky. We had permission to be there, but we had no permission to tell anyone. Or portray this place in a recognisable way. So therefore: no details! And this time no pictures either. So what can I blog about? Not very much!

Maybe I'll restrict myself to saying it was beautiful, it was a good opportunity to hone our rope techniques, and the company was good. And I could test two of my new acquisitions: I had bought a new foot ascender, and a waterproof flash gun! And I must say, I think I don't use that ascender to the max. It should make ascending a rope easier, but I didn't notice much difference. But the flash was good! It wasn't very wet down there, but at some point I laid it down in a 2 inch puddle, facing upwards, and the resulting picture was promising! And especially with wet trips this thing will come in handy. Stay tuned for documentable trips!

My foot ascender, fastened to highly inappropriate footwear, and the waterproof flash gun

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