21 November 2010

Project Seatpost: victory!

I had already looked up on internet what you do if a seatpost is too small. I had started to believe in Murphy as the orchestrator of this project! But the bike shop punctually announced the arrival of a seatpost that turned out to fit like a glove. Mission accomplished! I made sure I used lots of lubricant to minimise the chance of this one instantly corroding into place as well. And as soon as I've returned it it's out of my hands, and I know things may well start deteriorating immediately. But at least not on my shift!

This looks better than the decapitated post...

And see! It can move! Do notice the white stuff, which is the amply applied lubricant, as well...

The day after I finished I rode it to the caving club committee meeting. And I made sure I rode many times the necessary distance. I can officially confirm it's now a very comfortable bike! So there was no need at all to testride it in the weekend. But I wasn't going to let the opportunity pass me by; just because I can I took it on a many-hour-bikeride along the Moors. A pleasure. Let's hope Jon will be taken by the new configuration as well!

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