23 February 2023

Walk in Gwydir Forest

After New Year's Eve, it took a while to manage to meet up with that crew again. Things seemed to be particularly busy for Sue and Dean, and I didn't manage to convince Martin to catch up over a cup of tea either. So when at some point Sue finally texted to ask if anyone was up for a walk and some food afterwards, I was really happy. Even happier when Martin also turned out to be interested.

Martin picked all of us up at around 1 pm, and drove us to Betws y Coed. Sue and Dean had somehow not managed to have lunch yet, so they first had to get to a sandwich shop. But then we were on our way! The idea was to walk to Llyn Parc, and then loop around the east to get back to where we had started. And most of that worked well! 

We got to the lake the scenic way. And it is a nice lake! By its end, we had some honey cake I had brought. And then we tried to make the loop. That is where things didn't quite work out; we didn't venture far enough east, so we missed out on gorgeous views over the Conwy Valley. But it still was a nice walk.

Llyn Parc

When we got to the pizzeria, we saw that there might be a chance we could eat indoors. At this pizzeria, you can't take that for granted! We have sat outside several times here already. But inside is nicer in February. And the pizza is reliably marvellous! And I can also reliably bring half of it home. 

When we walked back to the cars I said I really hoped next time there wouldn't be and almost two months gap between seeing each other socially. They all agreed! And I hope time will reveal that we can make that happen…

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