17 April 2022

Easter reached

Reaching Easter is always bit of a milestone. We get a three week Easter break, and after that there are generally only one or two weeks of teaching. These weeks don't tend to have lectures in them; it tends to be things like fieldtrips and student presentations. And this year is barely an exception. All the lectures are done, and most of what is still timetabled in what this year is three weeks of teaching is indeed either student presentations or days in the field.  The presentations are for all the big cohort-wide modules; the first year tutorial module, the second year science communication module, the third year dissertation module and the fourth year project plan and literature review module. The fieldtrips are for two different modules. And I hope to get out on the small boat to go sampling with my master student. I am slightly nervous as our sampling site is a reasonable distance from the School, and my stomach is quite sensitive to small boats. But we'll see!

This year it wasn't too difficult to get there, but it was still nice to do so. And this Easter break I will also do the last lecture of the current lecture series of my side gig.

The fieldtrips and student presentations won't require an enormous amount of preparation, and assume this they are done the exam period starts. And then it is time to start preparing for next year! I have quite some work to do on our fieldwork module, and on a serious start of my Welsh teaching. Enough to do! But it has been an reassuringly doable end of the lecturing season...

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