26 April 2022

End to second iteration of side gig

My last session of the climate course is about what individuals can do. There is a lot you can say about that; you can go into how one can save energy, or how one can make sure that the energy used is as sustainably sourced as possible. But I also talk about what science has said about the efficacy of climate protest, and how it has fared people who have taken governments to court for being insufficiently proactive on the climate front.

The session was good. I really liked my participants! And then, a bit after 9 PM, I closed the Zoom meeting. The second iteration of my climate course was done! I filed the pay claim right away. Having done this course twice is still not enough to buy even one solar panel. This is not a way of getting rich! But it has been good.

In a few days, I will see my contact person again and we can talk about what's next. She has some ideas and I am curious to hear them. Although I am also happy that for now, I only have one job. One that I can do better now after having taught in a different way as well!

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