14 April 2022

Pea soup forever

I like pea soup! I do not have a strong precedent in making it myself. Some months ago I had found some yellow split peas in the local food co-op, and decided to give it a go. The peas were the wrong colour, of course, and I also had got the ratio of boiling time for the peas in boiling time for the other vegetables slightly wrong. But that only meant I should try again! And later I found green split peas in the same shop. And when it was already April and I knew the suitable weather for pea soup would not last, I had another go. And I decided to use separate pans for the peas and the rest. That way your timing can be a bit more precise!

Another reason for having two different pans is that for making the soup, you not only need peas, but also potatoes, celeriac, celery, leek, onion and carrot. Some of that you can't buy in small quantities. So you always end up with a large amount of food!

This time I did manage to cook the peas to the right consistency for soup. I was chuffed with the result! And I'm glad I was; I now would have to eat both pea soup for quite a while, and also some version of the surplus other vegetables...

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