30 April 2022

Starting to replace the sleepers

My garden has raised beds, and they are demarcated by railway sleepers. Some show clear signs of actual use. Interestingly, some are normal gauge and some are narrow gauge. I like the historic reference; the narrow gauge quarry railroad would have passed by at some 750 m distance to the Southwest; the normal gauge passenger railroad would have started some 350 m to the west. But some of the sleepers we are quite rotten. What to do with that? Replace them with newer sleepers? Or do something entirely different?

As much as I like the historic reference, I do not quite like the rigid geometry. I'm not one for clean straight lines. So I decided that every sleeper that had become to rotten would be replaced by stones from the riverbed. And I have started! One of my very small raised beds really needed a new western edge. So I threw the remnant of the sleeper away, and lugged some big stones from the riverbed into position. For now I only place to them they're; I will have to dig them in to make them more solid. But the change has started! There are already two more sleepers that can do with replacement. And one of my raised beds already was stone lined; stones are clearly the new sleepers! I wonder how many I will get to replace before I have to pass this garden on to someone else…



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