07 April 2022

Back it up

I don't really live in this century. I do use modern technology every single day, of course, but none of that is instinctive. And I have had some unpleasant experiences with the cloud. Hence that I have a penchant for wanting to have my data on some tangible device. A bit 20th century, but there we are! It is also where I keep my pictures. I have no problem at all keeping my work data on the University iCloud, but that is not where my personal pictures belong. But I had had a trusted external hard disk for quite some time, and it had started to show signs of wear and tear. It was time to replace it. And that wasn't as straightforward as it should have been; I bought another hard disk, plugged it in, and immediately lost access to the old disk. That was not how that was supposed to work! Then I tried to copy everything over onto the cloud, but it was too much data. And when I tried to copy what I had put on the cloud onto the new disk, the computer wouldn't recognise the new disk all anymore. This wasn't going where I wanted it to.

The next time I was on campus my bike back via the Currys store in which I had bought the new hard disk. And they were very understanding! They just took it back and let me pick another one. And them all went well. There were some files corrupted, and that is a pity, and that means I should be bit quicker on the ball with situations like this, but I have managed to copy over the bulk of my data. I am sorted again for a few years!

The old (right) and the new

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